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I have been working as a Swimming Instructor for many years. I started my career under the watchful eye of Anna Wierzyk, the winner of two gold medals in the Polish Championship, thanks to her I can now share my knowledge with others. Teaching how to swim can be a pure pleasure but I take my profession very seriously. Completed studies of  Sociology combined with the qualifications of a swimming instructor completed in England and in Switzerland allow for a professional approach to the Swimming subject.
I work for both private and public schools, offering two modes of teaching. SwimSports.ch and Swiss Swimming. In both cases, my skills are documented and with all necessary permits, certificates, and recommendations. I also provide private lessons at all levels, skills development as well as training preparations for Triathlon.
Each student requires an individual needs.
Working with the youngest requires patience and an appropriate didactic approach. I try to arouse the passion of swimming in them, make them not afraid of water and want to improve their skills.
Those who are able to swim can use my help to eliminate mistakes, to swim faster, more efficiently and less effortlessly.
On the other hand, amateurs of professional swimming, thanks to the use of modern technology in the form of video recordings made with the student's consent over and under the water, may exceed their own limits to beat not only life but also national or even international records.
For each student, I try to choose the right program combining theory and practice in order to achieve the intended goal.
I invite you to take advantage of my wide swimming experience.


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About me

Three locations:
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- swimming pool Uster Hallenbadweg 3, 8610 Uster


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