Swimming for Kids
For your youngest kids, metods I have prepared a wide range of exercises and methods to teach them how to swim with all the necessary care for their comfort and well-being.
If your children are afraid of water, we will start slowly and move forward step by step. The main goal is to make your kid happy, when I see the smile on his/her face that simply means we are on the right track. After that, we can move to the next elements and practice a new movements. During the first few lessons, you will see great progress in developing swimming skills. We can seat down together and define the goal we want to achieve and we will strive to achieve it.
Swimming for intermediate
For people who are able to stay/float on the water surface and swim, I have prepared a number of tips, advices and exercises that will help to improve your swimming skills. During the course we eliminate the basic mistakes that have been made. I will help you swim faster and, above all, more efficiently, and efficient swimming means that to swim a longer distance but effortless.
We can use modern technology to record short videos above and under the water. Together, we will analyze the video, finding all even the tiny errors and try to eliminate them.
These are also lessons designed for people who would like to convert their skills into a real opportunity to compete with the best.
Swimming for advanced 
If you are an athlete, you are going to participate in swimming competitions or you want to compete with the best, this is the offer for you.
We will focus on creating the perfect training plan in order to maximally increase swimming performance. After video's analyzing we will eliminate even the smallest mistakes, the greatest reduction of achieved times, increase in efficiency and physical fitness, and preparation for upcoming challenges.
This offer is intended for the most experienced swimmers who already have their swimming sessions (swimming Club) and want to focus on maximizing performance. Together we will develop a training plan, individually adapted to the capabilities of the body, and if necessary we will modify it on a regular basis depending on the current capabilities of the player.
Training with a suitably prepared instructor is the best way to beat life records and gain high positions in competitions. If you want to improve your skills and, above all, prepare for new challenges, write or call!

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