Publication: December 09, 2019
Jakub is characterized by a fantastic approach to youth. He listens carefully to them and what is most important, he uses modern technologies to improve the skills of his pupils. The opportunity to see your own mistakes on the recordings is a sensational matter!
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 Publication: July 29, 2019
Mr. Jakub was recommended to me by a friend. My son loved the water and he wanted to join the "Limmat Sharks" Swimming Club. I believe that using his services was a very good decision. After completing a full swimming course, the son uses his skills perfectly. He takes part in swimming competitions and competes with the best!
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 Publication: July 16, 2019
Lessons from Jakub allowed me to eliminate many mistakes I used to make while swimming. After analyzing Video of my swimming I swim faster, I'm less tired, and above all, I am aware of my style and can control my movements. In the end, I will be able to fulfill my dreams and start to surf!
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 Publication: June 12, 2019
I have just passed the lifeguard exam! Everything thanks to Jakub. When I went to him for the first time, I knew only the basics of swimming. I could swim alone in the deeper water, but I did not feel confident. Today, I can help others in the water. Thank you!
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 Publication: February 06, 2019
"My daughter was afraid of water. Jakub showed great patience and thanks to him Anna is able to "travel" alone in the deep end of the pool and most importantly, she enjoys being in the water! Jakub intensely trains and raises her skills..."
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